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Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Auxiliary holds annual dinner

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The annual Theresa Snaith Hospital Auxiliary Getting-To-Know-You Dinner was held on Monday, May 13 at the Broad Street U.M. Church. This is the annual general membership meeting for the group. The Auxiliary provides help and gifts to Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH).

Auxiliary President Julia Spelsberg welcomed the auxiliary members to the event with a special welcome to SJMH CEO Avah Stalnaker and general surgeon Christine Edwards. Spelsberg noted the importance of volunteerism for the local hospital and welcomed the members to the evening. Auxiliary board member Connie Sherrell provided the invocation. The members also took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the other members.

Dr. Edwards, Avah Stalnaker and Julia Spelsberg

CEO Stalnaker took the opportunity to advise the group on the happening at SJMH. She noted that the local facility is fortunate in that there are

She also pointed out that the strategic plan for the healthcare organization plans new services with the opportunities that provide to SJMH.

“Mon Health will be recruiting more specialists who will bring new business to us. The affiliation has also provided us with Dr. Hamilton, who is very well received here,” explained Stalnaker.

She also noted that the Hospital is on its way to becoming a “Baby-Friendly” facility and the new construction at Route 33/Exit 99 will be very helpful when a new SJMH facility is constructed in that area.

Susan Hall and Allison St. Clair

Dr. Edwards spoke about her love of West Virginia.  She practiced surgery in Elkins before moving to Maine. She explained her children were unhappy in their new home and were continually providing her with classified ads about job opportunities in West Virginia, which she eventually followed and came to Stonewall.

Susan Hull then announced the pin honorees for the year including Sara Smarr, 100- hour pin; Vicki Allen, Geneva Lamb; and Susan Hull, 6,000-hour pin.

Spelsberg thanked the guests and members for attending the dinner.  A general membership meeting was then held to consider several changes to the Auxiliary by-laws and organization, which passed unanimously.

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