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Can drinking vinegar lower glucose levels for type 2 diabetics?

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From weight loss and food preservation to medicinal and disinfectant properties, vinegar has a long list of health claims and sworn benefits.

While science has yet to back some of them, many studies show that its use in lowering blood glucose may actually hold truth.

Researchers in a study published n the Diabetes Care journal in 2004 gave 21 participants with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes a carbohydrate-heavy meal of a bagel, orange juice.

After the meal, participants received either 20 grams (est. 4 tsp) of apple cider vinegar or a placebo. Tests revealed significantly lower blood glucose levels in those who consumed apple cider vinegar, especially in the pre-diabetes group.

“This is promising research, and of course, it’s great when we can identify natural, inexpensive ways to help individuals with type 2 diabetes reach their goals,” said Andrea McCarty, Mon Health Medical Center’s Diabetes Education Coordinator.

A more recent study published in yielded similar promising results among participants who consumed regular vinegar following a carb-heavy meal.  

So what’s the verdict?

While apple cider vinegar is certainly no replacement for diabetes medication or treatment, it may be a useful tool in lowering blood glucose levels.

Just remember to discuss it with your provider before giving it a try.