Nursing is Leah Bowen’s True Calling

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Morgantown native Leah Bowen knew nursing was her true calling. But it was while she was enrolled in a college graduate program for education.

“I opted to go the education route first but ultimately decided that my true calling was nursing,” she said. “When my grandmother was sick, I helped take care of her. My family told me that nursing would be the best thing for me and I would be good at it.”

Leah left her elementary education master’s program and enrolled in the Washington Health System School of Nursing in Washington, Pa. Following graduation from nursing school, Leah applied for a position in Mon Health Medical Center’s cardiac step-down unit. She’s now been working on the unit for six years.

“I got the job, and here I am,” Leah said. “I’m from Morgantown. I had the opportunity to go anywhere, but I chose to come here because I wanted that family-like and community feeling and that’s what I received here.”

Leah was named Mon Health Medical Center’s December 2018 Cardinal Award winner for exemplifying Mon Health’s mission, vision and values. Each day, Leah is reminded of why she became a nurse.

“I love nursing because I know at the end of my shift I’ve made a difference in someone’s life and I’m able to advocate for my patients,” she said.

For Leah, being a nurse means providing quality care to patients as if they were family.

“I feel the difference here at Mon Health Medical Center, being an employee, and I hope that we portray that to our patients – that they feel the difference when we take care of them here at this hospital.”

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