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Mon Health nursing assistant goes above and beyond to help ER patient

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Dottie Bryant doesn’t typically work in Mon Health Medical Center’s emergency room but was recently called to help during the night shift due to high-patient volume.

Without hesitation, she headed to the ER.

Dottie was assigned to care for a patient who had come to the ER because of a fall. The patient’s medical issues brought him into the hospital, but Dottie noticed his hygiene was not in good condition. With the patient’s permission, Dottie helped the patient shower, brush his teeth and wash his hair. She even washed the patient’s feet.

“The patient told me he hadn’t showered for a long time ,and we had the means to help them in that way,” Dottie said. “The patient was very appreciative of the help. I think it was not only my duty as a nursing assistant to help him but as a person to help someone in need.”

Going even more above and beyond her job responsibilities, Dottie went to her home on her lunch break that night and grabbed clean clothes for the patient.

“The patient’s clothes were in bad condition, and there was no way I was letting him walk out of the ER wearing them,” she said. “The clothes I gave to them him were going to be donated anyway.”

Dottie said she was only doing what she thought needed to be done and didn’t know anyone was paying attention to the extra care she was giving the patient. But Amber Roberts, a nurse in the ER, was watching.

“The entire time Dottie was smiling and positive with the patient,” Amber said. “The patient was so thankful that she took the time to assist him and cared enough too. She was a fantastic addition to the team that night.”

Because Dottie exemplifies Mon Health’s mission, vision and values every day, she was named September’s Champion Award winner. Dottie said she was surprised she was awarded and that others were watching her that night.

“I feel God has blessed me and I needed to pass it on,” Dottie said. “I do stuff like that, because I love what I do. I love working with patients and making them feel better overall.”

Dottie is in her 29th year of working at Mon Health Medical Center. She first started as a nursing assistant when the hospital had a psychiatric unit before moving to the oncology unit as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Dottie currently works in the surgery/oncology unit as a CNA.

Dottie’s attitude toward caring for patients stems from her strong faith and her experiences. She has been on five mission trips to other countries including Costa Rica.

“I’ve seen really bad situations in the other parts of the world, and it makes me appreciate what I have here,” Dottie said. “I just love helping people.”

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