Chuck Hill Takes Pride in Working in Hospital’s Lab

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Mon Health Medical Center Laboratory Services Point of Care Coordinator Chuck Hill beams with pride when he hears about a positive patient experience.

Even if the patient’s story doesn’t directly involve the lab, he knows lab employees’ work played a role.

“Most people who stay in the hospital will have blood work done, and that’s where we come in,” Chuck said. “Patients are waiting for their blood analysis results to come back, and sometimes that result can mean they can go home.”

Patients may only see the person taking their blood, but the lab team behind the scenes works seamlessly to quickly deliver the patients’ results. Teamwork is one of the reasons Chuck decided to work at Mon Health Medical Center.

When Chuck completed his college rotation at the hospital while earning his medical laboratory science degree from West Virginia University, he knew he wanted to join the Mon Health Medical Center team.

“I enjoyed the environment and how everyone helped each other out. That’s what really attracted me to start my career here, the people I’d get to work with,” he said.

The science aspect of medical laboratory work is what drew Chuck to the field, but the hands-on chemistry of analyzing specimens has kept him interested.

After graduation, Chuck started at Mon Health Medical Center as a lab technician. He was promoted to point of care coordinator in 2015, which changed his responsibilities. Still doing some hands-on work, he’s in a supervisory role and lends a hand to his co-workers.

“I went from working on analyzing specimens to being a liaison between the lab and other departments throughout the hospital and other duties,” Chuck said. “There are different challenges that I come up against in the new position but nothing that can’t be handled. It has helped me grow in my knowledge of the field, and I’ve learned how to continue helping others along the way.”

Chuck was named Mon Health Champion Award winner in July for his teamwork, respect and dedication to patients – even though he has no direct contact with patients. The award recognizes employees who exemplify Mon Health’s mission, vision and values every day.

“The culture here is very special. We work hard, because we know our colleagues are working hard. What we do impacts the patients directly,” said Chuck.

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